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From the Minnesota State Board of Assessors


What do assessors do?  Assessors classify property by type (i.e. commercial, agricultural, residential, etc.) and estimate the value of property for tax purposes.

Who employs assessors?  Assessors work for counties, cities or townships.  Most assessors who work for counties or cities work full time.

Who licenses assessors?  The Minnesota State Board of Assessors grants licenses to assessors acting under the authority given to it by the Minnesota Legislature.

What is the Board of Assessors?  The Board is comprised of nine members appointed by the Commissioner of Revenue.  The purpose of the Board is to educate, license and regulate the professional conduct of assessors in order to provide the taxpayers of Minnesota with a fair and quibable valuation of their property.  The Board publishes rules that govern the licensing requirements for assessors.


The Assessor's Office provides for the equitable assessment of real and personal property in Faribault County as provided by state laws and regulations.  It estimates the value and determines the classification of all county property.  The assessment is based upon appraisals and reviews done by the appraisal staff.

This office also prepares abstracts and other forms prescribed by the Commissioner of Revenue, administers various property tax programs, attends Boards of Equalization meetings, and will appear in court if need be to defend assessments as an expert witness. 

All Faribault County property records are maintained by the County's assessing officers and clerk.  Some of the assessment records are public information and some of the records are confidential, due to data privacy laws.



Faribault County Assessor's Office
415 N Main
PO Box 130
Blue Earth, MN 56013


Phone: 526-6201

Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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