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The Board of Commissioners is the governing body of the County of Faribault.  There are five members of the County Board and each represents one of five Districts.  Board members, in partnership with County staff, work to ensure the delivery of services and programs essential to the continued prosperity of Faribault County.  Click here to find out which Commissioner represents you and their phone numbers - Commissioner Districts.

The Auditor/Treasurer/Coordinator serves as Clerk to the Board.  The Board meets in regular session the first and third Tuesdays of the month.

Next Board Meeting Agenda


Copies of the tentative agenda are available from the Central Services Office at the Faribault County Courthouse on the Thursday afternoon preceding a Board meeting.  


Persons who wish to appear before the Board or desire to have a matter considered by the Board, must contact the Central Services Office prior to 3:00 p.m. on the Thursday preceding a meeting.  A summary of the matter to be considered must accompany all requests for an appointment time on the agenda (Request For Board Action form).  Any requested time without summary information submitted to Central Services by 3:00 p.m. on the Thursday prior to the scheduled meeting will be removed from the agenda.  Request for Board Action forms are also available at the Central Services office.


Meeting MinutesDate AddedHits
File Icon October 3, 2017 regular 30, October 2017 98
File Icon September 25, 2017 special 05, October 2017 184
File Icon September 19, 2017 CD 24 05, October 2017 166
File Icon September 19, 2017 regular 05, October 2017 159
File Icon September 18, 2017 CD 20 05, October 2017 145
File Icon September 5, 2017 drainage 05, October 2017 152
File Icon September 5, 2017 regular 05, October 2017 151
File Icon August 15, 2017 regular 05, October 2017 143
File Icon August 1, 2017 drainage 22, August 2017 324
File Icon August 1, 2017 regular 22, August 2017 315

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